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fun shulk smash facts for people who don’t know shit about xenoblade


1. yes the monado is a laser sword. shulk is the only guy who can use it. it’s like 100x cooler than most video game swords

2. shulk’s taunt quotes

  • "I’m really feeling it" and "this is the monado’s power" are things he says in battle. A LOT
  • "now it’s shulk time" is not said by him in the game, ever. it’s actually a quote from his best bro reyn "now it’s reyn time!" it was probably put in due to the line becoming a huge meme

3. shulk’s palettes are based on the other 6 party members in the game (including dunban and riki who are in his final smash)

4. the swimsuit costume is 100% legit canon. every party member in the game has a swimsuit set of armor that is actually pretty good at certain points in the game. this does not make him a twink or fuckboy so please stop calling him that. fyi there are also other sets of armor which are way cooler and the entire fandom is a bit sad they are not in the game

5. the gaur plains stage is the knee of a big ass fuckin giant dead god that you live on and if that ain’t the realest shit get out my face

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